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What We Do

The company product line includes shoes, boots, booties, and sandals for children, man and woman that are thoroughly made up of high quality materials. The Management and Design teams of the company participate in worldwide shoe fairs and exhibitions every year to keep up with all recent developments in the field. They bring up any innovations available in the market, by discovering new shoe concepts, materials and modern shoe technologies.

Ever since the company was founded, VES Ltd. has positioned itself as a reliable manufacturer of finished goods and also a trustworthy subcontractor. Since 1994 the company realizes part of its sales within the domestic and international market under its own brands “VES” and “EMRELINI”. Furthermore, the company owns the trademark “DOBRICH”, a well-known children’s shoe brand in Eastern Europe, Germany and France.

Our Customers

VES Ltd. has been working with countries such as Italy, Germany, France, USA, Turkey and countries in North Africa, the Caucasus, CIS and the Middle East. Currently the company is focused mainly on producing goods for the foreign customers and partners by exporting almost all of its production. It especially has close partnership with Italian, German and Turkish footwear companies. The excellent quality of the company’s products have gained reputation and confidence of the world’s well-known shoe companies, which VES Ltd. has been collaborating with, as a long-term partner. The long-term partnerships with these companies are thanks to the company’s proven product quality, performance and competitiveness. In the European market, the company is known as a shoe manufacturer with good quality and a large selection of models.

The management of the company continues its export relations with companies from the European Union such as Italy, Germany, France and Denmark, as well as companies from the Middle East and the USA. Over the past 20 years VES Ltd. exported finished and non-finished goods to worldwide brands such as IMAC, Salamander, Jack Wolfskin, Bata, Clarks, Bama, Gallus, Falcon, Igi&Co, Enval Soft, Primigi, Joseph Seibel, and Hush Puppies.

The company is highly committed to clear principles, ethical and legal standards in the areas of human rights, education, health, safety, and the environment. These standards apply to all employees, suppliers and business partners worldwide; as VES Ltd. truly believes that by working together with suppliers and business partners who share their commitments, they can always achieve more.

VES Ltd. today is a proud member of many local and international business chambers and organizations such as Bulgarian-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, DTIK (World Turkish Business Council) and DEIK (Foreign Economic Relations Board).
The company was rewarded as the “Employer of the Year – 2014” by the Bulgarian Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

Our Vision

Every employee at VES Ltd.  is passionately committed to combining, quality with an outstanding service for producing shoes that offer a good value for money while respecting the environment and the soceity that they live in.

Our Mission

“We promise to produce high quality and comfortable shoes with the most advanced and effective manufacturing equipment in order to maintain excellence and productivity together.”

Our Projects

VES Ltd. has accomplished various Projects succesfully over the years which can shortly be outlined as below:

1) Project Name: “For a Better Future” (BG051PO001-1.1.11 / ESF-1107-03-13001)
The project was conducted with the financial support of the Operational Program “Human Resources Development” 2007-2013, funded by the European Social Fund of the European Union and the Republic of Bulgaria.

Beneficiary:     Docho Mihailov Professional High School Of Textile and Clothing – City of Tervel
Partner:            VES Ltd.

10 people were granted with an internship position at VES Ltd. Factory in order to acquire the principals of the shoe-making profession. The project helped those people form positive social and business skills, which are valuable for both the basis of the social life as well as the individual’s self-esteem. Implementation of such a project reduces the unemployment ratio as successful graduates happen to be more likely to find a job when they are graduated thanks to their internship experiences.

Project Start Date: 01.08.2012
Project End Date:   01.10.2012

2) Project Name: “Support for Employment” (BG051PO001-1.1.11 / ESF-1111-03-12003)
The project was conducted with the financial support of the Operational Program “Human Resources Development”, funded by the European Social Fund of the European Union and the Republic of Bulgaria.

Beneficiary:     Tervel City Employment Agency – Directorate of Labour
Partner:           VES Ltd.

Under this program 35 people under the age of 50 were obtained with a profession to produce shoes as machinery operators and such, most of which are still employed by the Company still today.

Project Start Date: 25.03.2013
Project End Date:   25.01.2014

3) Project Name: “Transportation of VES Ltd. Employees to and from the Workplace” (BG051PO001-2.2.03-0021-0072 ESF-2203-03-13007)
The project was conducted with the financial support of the Operational Program “Human Resources Development” funded by the European Social Fund of the European Union and the Republic of Bulgaria.

Contractor:     Employment Agency’s Operational Program of “Human Resources Development”
Beneficiary:    VES Ltd.

The project was initiated as of June 1, 2014. It was conducted together with the Employment Agency under the Operational Program of “Human Resources Development” (OP HRD). The main purpose of the project was to contribute to the development of the rural areas and increasing the productivity of the labor market thereof. VES Ltd. conducted this project in order to promote the geographical mobility of employees by providing them with workplace transportation. Therefore the Company aimed to increase the employment ratio and reduce the turn-overs at such remote premises. A general purpose of this project directly corresponds with the main objective of the OP HRD which is to “develop human resources in order to ensure higher employment, income and social integration”, which is totally in line with the overall objective of raising the productivity and adaptability of the employees.

Development and implementation of a project to promote the mobility of the workforce has a significant role in allowing more people to move more easily and in a more organized way to reach the workplace, which also helps maintaining the employees. According to the European Employment Strategy, reducing the imbalances in the labor market and implementing measures to promote labor and occupational mobility by removing obstacles to geographical and territorial mobility is a must. (Promotion of Employment Art. 57a.) In this regard, the project contributes to that strategy as well. This is not only important for the maintenance of the employees but also for promoting territorial mobility for them.

The target group of the project is the employees of the VES Ltd. and they will benefit from the transportation services by minimizing their travel time to and from the workplace; by improving access to employment options that are available for them; by saving from their travel expenses thru the use of such an organized transport; by reducing unemployment ratios, and the last but not the least, by improving the quality of life in the region.

Target group is composed of a total 25 employees.
Total amount dedicated for the project is 27 095.93 leva.
And the duration of the Project is 12 months.

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